BBD Media is an education focussed media section of BBD Education. We’re not like your typical media agency or web development Company because we’re teachers first and foremost. We know what you mean when you describe your children and how you would like this captured on film or in social media. We know what you mean when you describe the nuances of how your school community reflects your ethos. We know education, and we know how this can be captured in clear and coherent messages for different education audiences.We use the most up to date metrics to measure our impact and we get results.



At BBD, we listen to each stakeholders needs. In our experience of managing diverse projects, stakeholders often have mis-placed expectations through lack of experience. We know what to be aware of and how to navigate each and every step.

The Middle East is an exciting and unique part of the world that has its own challenges. We have been successful here because we have developed tools and systems that are tried and tested in the region.

Integrity and honesty are central to how we work. We offer un-filtered guidance and support so that every eventuality is considered and a solution has been developed.

At BBD, we know what works in this region.


  • Comprehensive services in school start up, HR development and staff recruitment values.

  • The power of professional expertise – not in just one area of a school’s operations but in every area, from the curriculum and academics to the design and physical facilities.

  • The importance of people – after all, education is a “People Business” and schools work best when the approaches they adopt both respect and engage all the stakeholders, especially students and their parents.

  • The use of best practices to improve schools – we are constantly looking into leading edge practices, so we can give our clients a competitive advantage.

  • The importance of viable and sustainable solutions – we believe that value-for-money and financial viability are essential factors in running schools, because these provide the foundation for enduring quality.

  • A culture of continuous improvement – schools are constantly changing and need to keep improving so that all students can realise their potential.

  • A rounded education that brings breadth and depth to what students learn – the pursuit of great qualifications needs to run alongside a concern for character development and an interest in outdoor education, build individual strengths and embed resilience.


We know education. We know how school communities act, how teachers perform and support their children, and most importantly, we know how authentic and honest children can be in person and how this can be captured for a specific audience. We’re not like your average media company. We don’t need you to explain the nuances required to get the right messaging for the education sector. We used tried and tested approaches and we get results.


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Chief Executive of BBD Education
Shaun Robison is an entrepreneurial, senior education leader who has delivered a range of projects in the Middle East. Shaun has worked with investors, operating companies, consultants, teachers and government regulators to plan, license and deliver start-up projects with large Cap-Ex requirements.
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Videographer for BBD Education
Jo Dorrel is BBD’s expert videographer. Jo works with school marketing departments to ensure that their message is accurately captured and presented for their desired marketing channels. We have produced high quality videos for the likes of Nord Anglia International School, Hartland International School, IDEA Early Learning and Diverse Choreography. Video for social media has changed and specific angles, and edits needs to be manipulated for social media audiences.
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Social Media Consultant
Anthony has managed numerous social media campaigns for schools. Multi-skilled in marketing, staff training and social media, he is adept at creating solutions. Having owned call centres to coffee shops to social media agencies, the vast knowledge he has accumulated throughout these wide and varied industries has given him an advantage when it comes to developing marketing strategies for business.


At BBD Media, we can offer you the full suite of school marketing services. From budgeting and forecasting your return on investment, to developing a package of videos that capture your school ethos. There isn’t anything that we haven’t already done and we know what the local metrics of the UAE are, and how to measure these again any project.


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