PR for schools has changed. The necessity to have a strong, digital PR strategy is vital for schools. Traditional PR can still be effective but the message has to be worthwhile to a wider audience.

BBD Education can support you in developing your public relations strategy. We can help you design and develop press releases and make sure they hit the right audience, or we can launch through social media and impact on stakeholders in a different way.

  • Social media

    Schools need to use social media sensibly. We know that social media is important but we often see schools using channels that do not have an impact on their enrollment numbers. We can work with you to develop your voice, your imagery, your programme of channels and your overall strategy. Schools are often selecting channels based on imported advice from elsewhere. We’ll design your social media strategy around what works here in the UAE.

  • Messaging

    Communicating a clear message to your target audience is critical. We often see schools using tired clichés, and repeating buzzwords that parents see through.
    We will develop your internal and external messaging, so that teachers and support staff communicate consistent messages to each other, and the schools marketing and advertising reflects this.

  • Budgetting

    In the past few years, school marketing budgets have doubled. Schools have invested in old methods in the hope that these will bring bigger results. We have worked with all different types of schools and budgets and we can ensure that we will save you money, and double your return on investment.

    We have achieved excellent returns on cost per enquiry and cost per acquisitions. We have designed school marketing budgets for schools in Dubai, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi and the UK so we know where you should be investing your money, and how you should be measuring this.

  • Website design and development

    BBD used software to evaluate the quality of school website. We can analyse page speed, compatibility, the quality of content, the quality of coding and much more. We have analysed every school website in Dubai and the quality of their digital home, and we can prescribe quick solutions to ensure that parents are not bouncing as soon as they land on your home page.

  • Videography

    BBD has an in-house specialist videographer. We have produced high quality videos for the likes of Nord Anglia International School, Hartland International School, IDEA Early Learning and Diverse Choreography. Video for social media has changed and specific angles, and edits needs to be manipulated for social media audiences. We can capture your message and ensure that your school community and ethos is visible for everyone to see.

  • Content Development

    Coming soon…

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